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    komodo island is the new 7 wonders of the world

    komodo island is the new 7 wonders of the world. To the island of Komodo, dragon animals reside and breed properly. Till August 2009, on this island you can find a bout one,300 dragon’s tail. Coupled with other islands, for example the island of Rinca and Gili Motang, their numbers totaled about 2500 tails. You can find also roughly a hundred individuals’ dragons in Wae Wuul Nature Reserve to the mainland island of Flores, but not including the Komodo National Park. Komodo Nationwide Park includes three major islands: Komodo, Rinca and Padar, also as several smaller islands making a complete surface area (marine and land) of 1817km (proposed extensions would bring the total surface region as much as 2,321km2). Too as being residence to the Komodo dragon, the Park provides r


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